Can We Say Overwhelmed?

UPDATE: Ok, God, really? Thank you so much. Two of the three professors I wrote replied back this afternoon and are completely willing to help me out with my classes. I want to cry right now. All I can hope for is this job :) keep me in your thoughts!

I'm just a tad overwhelmed. My interview this morning went superbly well. The lady said I'm a really good candidate. Here's the hitch: school. Ohhhhh school. If I'm hired, I start training next week.The training is everyday, Monday through Friday for three or four weeks, during which I have school.

So I'm hoping that my professors at Athens will work with me and let me do stuff by distance if I'm hired at this place with rockets. These are a lot of ifs, mind you. I want this job so bad though because it would look so good on my resume.

I was driving home today and I just started thinking. As in, over-thinking. When I think too much, it gets bad. Really bad. I just kept thinking about group projects, papers, how I'm already behind in my technology and media class, I have to make at least 85s on my tests in training, what about mentoring... etc. I tell you what, it still has not stopped. My mind is going freaking nuts.

Hopefully things will all work out, right?


angela.kolachny said...

ok. you need to push hard for this girl! I am realllllyyyyyyy hoping your professors are courteous and allow you to do this! what a great opportunity and resume builder!! congrats and good luck!

Heather said...

Hey I'm a Junior at Athens State too! I really like your blog! The professors at Athens are great. Glad to see they are helping you! So far, I have liked majority of mine. Good luck on the job! I'll be adding you to my read list!