Since I've been gone...

  1. I've been going to 12 hour training days at the Rocket Center. You read that right. 12.
  2. I'm so excited to start this job already.
  3. I could tell you anything about space if you asked me to, down to what goes in the external and solid fuel tanks on the shuttle. 
  4. I've been getting behind in school and will attempt to rectify that today.
  5. I get to wear a flight suit that's bright blue
  6. I made a kid go nuts unintentionally last night with my Space Camp shirt. We talked about our favorite simulators and the Star Wars exhibit.
  7. I've been learning how to operate the simulators (oh so fun.)
  8. We've talked about registration, homesickness, kids on behavior medications, special needs, and issues that happen in the pre-teen age.
  9. We've discussed everything under the sun (no pun intended.)
  10. Finally, did I mention I'm ready for this job to start already?

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Hannah Noel said...

Might I just say that you have the coolest job ever??

You have something at my blog :)