i am alive! i am! i am!

I've been absent for about 11 days... I have been exhausted every single day. I completed my intense training on Tuesday to my uttermost depression. I was so so so so sad. But-

I came away with an award for having the "Right Stuff", an award we give to a certain member of teams for having what it takes to be an astronaut (based on the book and movie.) It's pretty much the TOP award given. I was really shocked. I thought someone else was getting the award until my boss said, "she's the perfect blend of elementary teacher and rock star." I went blank. Honestly blank. And then I had to give a speech when I was on the stage. Yikes.

I loved my team, I love love love love my job. I love that I'll also be training for Aviation Challenge and Day Camp. I love that tomorrow I get to go in and help design shirts for this summer. I love it all.

And now, I'll leave you with some awesome pictures :)

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