Just a few suggestions on what NOT to say to a teacher...

  1. Your job is so family friendly- it's a great job for a mom. 
  2. You must have it easy breezy.
  3. Your degree is so simple to get!
  4. You're off at 3pm. I wish I had it that way at my job.
  5. You don't take your job with you wherever you go.
  6. Who the heck are you to judge my parenting?
  7. Why aren't you babying my baby?
  8. Why did you give them an F?
  9. My child would never hurt a thing...
  10. You don't get paid a lot do you?
Now. I've heard all these quotes and then some... and I want to put my reaction to each line but I resisted... y'all can do that yourself :)

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Hannah Noel said...

I would've loved to hear your reaction, lol. Agreed, to all of the above!