The last time I blogged was... months ago. I've had 70+ hour work weeks and the last thing that I've thought about is my blog. Until now, that is.

I feel like the summer is winding down but we're not even a month into summer. I took the summer off from school because I was just burnt out and didn't want to look at a book, Microsoft Word, or Blackboard for a very long, long time. Sadly, I had to register yesterday for fall semester so that I don't lose insurance. I have to re-take 2 classes, then added on Art Connection and Children's Literature.

The funny thing is that I've ignored my blog because I've been burnt out on this, too. It took watching You've Got Mail to get me to realize that I've have a blog, am stuck at 28 followers, and feel like I'm doing nothing with my life. Yesterday was the first time that I actually cooked in months too. I've been in this funk lately where I am just apathetic about what I used to do. Sad right? So I hoped that changing my blog up would inspire me, which it did. Slightly.

I had my 21st birthday last week. It's so weird being completely legal now. I don't have to worry about people checking IDs and such, I can throw it in their face and not be concerned.

But now, I'm going to finish You've Got Mail and dream about New York at Christmas. I love Tom Hanks. 'Nuf said.


My Blog is else where said...

good to see your back, happy belated birthday too! hope the fall classes go well :)

Heather said...

I hate getting into those funks too! Art Connection and Children's Lit are fun classes, but they are hard work. But isn't all classes? Good luck this Fall!

Faith said...

Glad you're back friend! Now, I wish I could see you in person, hahaha! Please let me know when you're free!!

Meg said...

Welcome back, I hope to see you more soon! I am glad to hear you have been super busy this summer, but I am sorry you are so apathetic about things lately. I went through that funk not too long ago. Just persevere through it and hopefully it'll go away.

Happy belated birthday, yay for being legal!

~Meg @ "Through the Roses"