You're So Selfish

I'm coming clean with y'all. The number one thing about myself that annoys me to high heaven is I get selfish in conversations.


Whenever someone asks me how I'm doing, how's my week been, etc., I answer their question. And leave them hanging, forgetting to ask them how their life's been. Selfish.

I've only realized it lately. How sad and miserable is that?

For example, I'm all caught up in the fact that I can't find my Raybans or iPod charger, while one of my closest friends tells me that someone she was interested in is pursuing other roads and is heartbroken to say the least. How bad of a friend am I?

Or a coworker who asks me about life and I go on a rant about how my mind's going to mush. And do I ask him about his life? Only 5 minutes later when I realize that I was (shock) selfish and didn't ask him the same question back.

It's not like it's a repetition thing, just doing the "good thing." It's the honest thing. Since they cared enough to ask me about my life, I should ask them about theirs. It's the honest, right thing to do.

Just a random thought from me to you :)

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mrsashcake said...

sometimes you just have to get in the habit... i know how you feel though. there have been times when i've forgotten and realized it later and felt really bad.