Back to the Real World

Well, it's started. I'm officially back into the swing of things with school and such. I'm refusing to take more than 12 credit hours from here on out because of all the lessons I learned from last spring. I also didn't realize last spring just how much side work education majors get.

It's a semi-ok semester from what it seems. Of course, I've only just started as of this week. So things could change. But when my art teacher tells me that I have 2 minutes to draw Medusa's Bad Hair Day, I think things will be just fine. What's amusing (but really not because I remember being in their shoes) is the new students at Athens that have 104329823 goals to achieve. For example, background checks, TB tests, meeting with advisers, staying afloat and not drowning in work. Some haven't even decided WHICH degree they want. A guy was telling me he either wants biology or elementary... and I thought, "buddy, those pre-requisites are completely different!"

On top of school, there's still work at Camp. I'm super excited though, because next week, I have training for Be Ready Camp. Be Ready is held by the State of Alabama, where 6th graders come and learn how to be proactive in a national emergency. At the end of the week, we simulate a disaster where they triage, treat wounds, rescue, etc. I'm so excited for it! I loved working with the middle school kids I had this summer, so this is a treat to me.

Hope y'all have a great weekend!

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Meg said...

You are always busy, busy, busy!! I hope you have a wonderful semester, just think--you are almost done!