Dear Summer,

I really don't want you to end. I've had so much fun and don't want fall to come around.

This is hard to say because  I LOVE fall. I love the smell, the colors, the change of season. I love going to my little college with leaves falling all around me. Yet, you've been amazing this year and it's safe to say that you're my second favorite... maybe even vying for my only favorite.

You see, I've met so many great friends at my amazing, spectacular job. We've had the best weekends ever by going downtown and going... broke. Or going down to the river making fun of all the people that are parking there and, well... we'll let that one be.

I'll miss the nights of telling kids to be quiet and get to sleep... the odd peacefulness of the lake... resetting kids on flight sims because they're taxiing way.too.fast... getting free popcorn at IMAX...

You see, you've been very good to me, dear Summer... the weeks are winding down, you've passed by way too fast. Now friends are leaving and going back to their schools; I, too, start school in a month... and even though technically you don't end until September, it feels like you're leaving now.


mrsashcake said...

Sounds like you've had a great summer! Like the new blog look!

Sarah said...

HI! It took me way too long to realize that you follow my blog. Yours is great!