Star Wars and Free Tickets

I have to say that my number one annoyance about working at a place with a museum is asking for a hook up to cheap (or free) tickets. Or trying to get a discount for their kid to go to Space Camp. I know I have the coolest job ever (even though I'm so tired I forget how excited I was when I got it) and that I work at a neat place.

But I really CANNOT get you free tickets to Star Wars. I can't even get my family free tickets. And I refuse to let people to take my family passes to get discounts. So don't ask.


Granted, Star Wars IS really cool, I'll hand that to you. I'd much rather take my kids to that exhibit that go operate a simulator. Even though I'm not a Star Wars nerd by any means whatsoever, it's neat to look at. But I still won't buy you tickets. You can buy them yourself.

So don't ask. Ever.

The end.

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