I have to laugh at this day specifically. Well, yesterday. I'm not sure. Our new president-elect makes me sick to my stomach. I'm a die hard Republican on a lot of issues. I was dead determined to go vote yesterday; I've WAITED for this election since I was a kid because I could vote for the first time. Now going in, yes, I knew chances of Obama winning were high. But I figured I could do my part for the Republicans. Yes, I am very disappointed in what our country chose- a liberal who doesn't even pledge allegiance to OUR country. What kind of president is that, I ask? I'm resisting getting on my soapbox, please bear with me though. Point is, I'm upset that an idiot like him was elected.

My parents' divorce is looming. No, it isn't official it's happening yet (that comes Friday), but I know it will. I hate that I have a father who can be so... selfish. He tells his family it was "just a couple phone calls and texts." I resist my humanly instinct to mail the cell phone bills to my grandmother and aunt. I'm the one who found out, I saw the bills... trust me, it was way more than what he claims he was. To me, my father can leave my life and never come back. It's rough, criticize if you want, but that is how I feel after 19 years of having a cheat for a father.

So my house, come January, will be put on the market. I don't want to think about how my two siblings will handle it, they were sobbing today because Obama won and to quote my sister, "I wanted John McCain to win." If they cry over that, I cannot fathom their reaction to their parents divorcing. Chances of my father being kicked out of our church run high. There's going to be court, I know there will be due to his selfishness regarding all things monetary. He will pay for daycare, school, food, etc. whether he likes it or not, and I am putting faith in God to control it all.

It's hard seeing all this happen. Holidays are coming, that will be really rough to say the least. I just want this fall to be erased from my memory.

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