Emotional Rollercoaster

Ever had those days where one minute you're happy, the next minute you're blue as a panda bear?

That's me. That's the past 2 months. Only it seems a lot lately. One minute, I'm not thinking of Matt, divorce, work, money, and happy. The next, it all floods back and I'm still happy. Then later, I'm blue and can't stand thinking about it but keep thinking about it.

I thought I was ok with the breakup, at least the last couple days. Apparently... not. Ugh. It sucks loving someone you want the best for sometimes.

Divorce... I can't do anything.

Money, yes, and no. I have 2 jobs right now, nursery is over until next semester. I got my refund FINALLY from Calhoun for this semester since you have to do a circus act to transfer loans. Then the church sent me money for doing nursery, on time thank goodness.

work, see above.

Happiness? One day, eventually, I KNOW I'll be happy with my life. It won't be perfect by any means, but it'll get better.

As my counselor says, right now, when I want to cry, I can cry. When I want to laugh, I should laugh. I just pray I get better emotionally. One day.

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