I've got my eyes on you

My brother is getting a southern twang. A major accent, to say the least. Not sure who has it at school, but he's definitely picked it up there. Anyway, he has started to do this thing where he says, "I've got my eyes (sounds like ayes) on you." This started after H started threatening a little boy in M's class every morning because he caused trouble constantly, so she says, "I've got my eyes on you." I find it funny. So now M says it with a major accent twang, points his fingers the way Robert DeNiro does it in "Meet the Fockers" and I die laughing every time.

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Faithfully Yours said...

Oh my goodness, I so totally do this hand motion to my future BIL. I watch him all the time. It drives him crazy. I don't trust him lol. He goes to Calhoun also, so everytime I see him, I do that. And I just "happen" to shop in American Eagle all the time so I can do it while he's working!