Not Me! Monday

There's a large following to MckMama's "Not Me! Monday" and I figured I might as well jump on the bandwagon. It won't be NEARLY as funny as her's since she has 5 other people in her household, but hey, I can try, right? And Faith, start doing this so I'm not the only college student jumping on the bandwagon. Thanks :) Here goes:

  1. I did not put a sitetracker on my blog because my hits were high up in the sky. Oh, the things you find when you put that on your blog... people, do you not have a life? I also did not read McFormer's blog every single day this week. Nope, not me.
  2. I did not blog instead of writing my research paper that was due the next day. I just wouldn't do that ;) instead, I concentrated on Hawthorne's tone and style in The Scarlet Letter and not how sad death was and telling people to stop throwing a pity party.
  3. I did not get mad at my girl friend's parents for not letting us to go to Miami. That's just selfish. So instead, I made another plan- Atlanta. And I did not throw a pity party about Miami. See above.
  4. I did not spend twice my budget on my brother and sister for their Christmas, resulting in me with $2 to live on for the next 3 days. Nope, not me :)
  5. I did not look at myself in the mirror noticing how thin I've gotten lately everyday this week; that's conceited.
  6. While admiring the thin appearance that's occuring over time, I did not eat 5 mini-butterfingers and 5 cokes in 2 days just because I needed caffeine and chocolate; it's called the red dragon, so it's ok in my book.

My Not Me! Mondays will get better, I hope. It's just better reading a blog from Minnesota than my boring Alabama one.


MamaBear said...

Hi Lauren - We only have 4 in our house and I still have more Not Me's each week than should be allowed. Be thankful your life is sane. :)

Those sitetrackers are dangerous and addicting - watch out! I took mine down a while back, but am thinking about adding it again for safety reasons. (If wierdos find my blog from some random word - I want to know about it.

Have a great day and enjoy your warm weather. Our high here in Minnesota is -4.

LucieP said...

Coke and chocolate--sounds like a perfect reward to me!