My favorite things

It's Christmas in the Bice household. The tree is going up today :) Mom and I went out to Victoria's Cafe this morning with the ladies from church. I got to see two of my babies which was fun. After an awesome pedicure, I got some pics of Hannah being a model. Then some of my absolute favorite things about Christmas. The kids put out their boots for St. Nick who's supposed to come by and deliver either candy or coal ;)

Troublemaker at his finest.

Charlie and the boots

Starbucks's Christmas blend coffee. Best stuff

FREE Christmas candle... nothing better

Hannah in her Christmas cape


Faithfully Yours said...

Your siblings are so cute! It's awsome that you guys celebrated St. Nick's day. I had never heard of it until Friday because we had to celebrate it at work!

Lauren said...

I never heard of it either until yesterday!!! My sister was all infomative about it.