Dear Shonda

Many of you know my love adoration addiction to Grey's Anatomy. If you don't, well... you're just naive. Ahem. So, it's sort of my motto "don't talk to me at 9/8c on Thursday nights." Well, used to be. Until I started going to school at night and have a DVR. Anyway!

I'm disgusted with Shonda Rhimes, people. D-i-s-g-u-s-t-e-d. What has she done with my McDreamy? What was she thinking crossing over Grey's and Private Practice? Honey, I'm gonna be honest- if she's trying to bring up her ratings, what she's really doing is dousing them in kerosene and torching them, if you ask me.

I want the old McDreamy back. Not the one who's playing God while in the meantime falling for Addison Montgomery again. Ugh. And I want the old Izzie back, not the psychotic ghost seeing Izzie. I want my fiesty Grey and Yang back, not old ladies. How about womanizing McSteamy? Yes, I said it, I want the womanizer back. He's fiction people, not real, he can pull it off. Oh, and tonight was the first sighting of George in weeks if I remember right.

And I wonder why I like The Office more and more every week...


Zach said...

Because The Office is better!!! You know it's true. :P If what you've said is true (I haven't seen an episode of Greys in over two years now) then that show is definitely gone downhill. lol Izzie can see ghosts? what the eff.

Permberly said...

The Office...good.