Valentines and Chocolates

I bet you can guess what I did yesterday, can't you? If you guessed a Valentine's Party, you sir/ma'am, are correct! Not only was it a Valentine's party, it was also a field trip to the Chocolate Crocodile. Action packed to say the least, I came home and crashed in bed. Ha, and you're going to be an elementary teacher.

Laugh at me people, laugh at me. So we had a fun trip, I have plenty of pictures to prove it, learned lots of stuff about chocolate, the difference between lattes and cappucinos (I could've told y'all the difference), got freebies, and then went back to school. Very exhausting. Oh, and if you want to know what nasty, unsweetened, real chocolate tastes like, just look at this face ....

How about the face of a child who's in the kitchen of a chocolate store? See below.

Yes, she had a ton of fun. In fact, she had a blast. And blast is an understatement. Now onto the party- did I mention exhausting? 20 kids with sugar in them, I don't think I need to tell y'all how exhausting it was. We played Bingo with those fun candies that have messages on them, opened Valentine's, and made cookies for Mrs. Hewitt, Mrs. Kooi, Mrs. Williams, and the front office.

But my favorite picture of all was the picture of feeling defeated. This picture was priceless. H wasn't winning at Bingo, so she was understandably sad.

Yes, as you can see, the pink camera and I are getting along just fine.


Permberly said...

Love it, love it, love it.

Anonymous said...

I so need to go there! MMmmmmm....chocolate!