Singles' Awareness Day

As I wake up with this sore throat, I am reminded of the gaggy holiday we call Singles' Awareness Day. Notice the acronym- S.A.D. I love Valentine's when there's a significant other; I hate it when there is just me. Thankfully almost everyone at work is single, so we're all celebrating SAD together today.
What's pitiful is the holiday is so commercialized, that's why I don't like it. See, Valentine's is rubbed into everyone's face with commercials, internet, signage, etc. I walked into Publix last night and in my face was dozens and dozens of roses, chocolate, cards, balloons and Jessica looked at me and went, "what the heck." I concurred with her on that because we don't want to be reminded of our singledom. At least not today; any other day, we could handle it. But not today.
So I have a day full of seeing gaggy people who fall for the commercialized holiday of love. Help me.


Permberly said...

I am married. I think it is the worst day ever. Feel better?

Zach said...

I'm staying indoors. :] Except for the party tonight. Oh, I have my significant other here though. Luke is playing XBOX! :D lol