Not Me! Monday

I wish I could express to y'all how tired and exhausted I am. I feel as if I've been in a blur all week long. To put it to you this way, my 7 hour REM cycle Saturday night felt like a one hour nap. But nevertheless, it's Monday and it's time for (drumroll please...) Not Me! Monday. Conceived by MckMama, it's a theraputic way to get things off our chest about what we didn't do.

Tuesday... I didn't go to Target and spend half a Benjamin Franklin on necessities like shaving cream, face wash, face moisturizer, etc. Also, I didn't get 3 shaving creams to be on the safe side because my brother finds humor in spreading it all over the shower. I didn't want to scream how I dislike being a girl in the midst of swiping my plastic. Oh, and how sad/good is it that I didn't know they were getting a new computer system at Target and did a double take that I was swiping the plastic, not putting it in the machine where many people prayed the machine spit the card back out? And did that paragraph make any sense?
Wednesday... In the class that I was almost late for because I crashed in bed after the elementary festivities (which, by the way, I was not exhausted because I'm an elementary education major... I live for this stuff), I didn't inch away from the creep in my CIS class slowly when he showed up. Oh and seconds before, I didn't look to the ceiling praying to God that the creep just wouldn't show up. This is the creep I almost did not backhand on Monday night when he asked if I was too good to say hi or something last Friday at his Jason's Deli on Airport. How many times does it take to get through his ghetto thick head that I didn't see him? For pete's sake!!!!
Ahem, moving on.
Thursday... ok, y'all know me well enough to know that I wouldn't write a blogisode to Shonda Rhimes, writer of Grey's Anatomy, just because I was peeved at her for what she's done to my Thursday night ritual. Seriously, people, come on!!!
Friday... oh work, how I love thee. Not. I didn't spend this day dreading the next, because the next would be Single's Awareness Day. And again, I did not go to Target. Again. Oh, but before work, since mom was using the tv to watch some workout thing, I did not go to my room to watch The Office because I needed a laugh- baby, I laughed and almost didn't spill coffee on the bed. Long live the hairball coughing Angela! That's all I have to say.
Saturday... I did not say a prayer that McFormer and his jock buddies would stay away from my territory job. No, Not me. I don't do that. But while I said this prayer in the midst of blow drying, I made sure the hair was extra hot, ditto on the makeup, just in case. Yet, I did find myself thanking Cupid for letting me be single this extraordinary Valentine's, because I saw couples unhappy, call off plans minutes before the plans were to occur, and see girls get their hearts broken (another story, another time.) No, I did not look forward to coming home to my bed and Audrey (the computer) looking forward to some rest... because 19 year old girls just don't do that on a Saturday night.
Sunday... what is known as the Day of Rest for most, it was anything but that for me. After waking up at 7am with no energy whatsoever, I taught Sunday School. Then went to work. Then went to my other place of work. I didn't want to throw fruit at my coworker when she said, "Oh Lauren, I love you and I need a favor. Would you please close for me?" Of course, I said yes... in the meantime, again, wanting to not throw fruit at her.
Anyways, it's a new week and I have the day off. Oh yes, I have.the.day.off. Ahh... coffee please.

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Mommy Mo said...

Ahhhh college life!

Maybe you should have thrown fruit at your co-worker. next time, just say "NOT ME"!

And don't worry, I'm 36 years old and still going to Target way too much : ).