Downfalls of Having Two X-Chromosomes

Major PMS kicked in today/last night. And boy do I mean major (for my one male reader, I apologize...) Here's my list for why I hate being a girl. Ladies, if you agree, say amen. Thank you.
  1. We get very emotional at a certain time, every time, without fail.
  2. Chocolate can become our best friend very fast and sticks around... and never leaves
  3. Ditto on the caffeine.
  4. Bras are not easy to find. You can't just walk into Victoria's Secret, grab the cup size that looks right, and check out. If only...
  5. Ditto on a pair of jeans... a top... a bathing suit (ick.) Which is why we buy shoes- shoes stay one size forever.
  6. most men don't give us the credit we deserve- hello, we menstruate 12 times a year and push kids out of us. Sometimes we even get them cut out of us.
  7. PMS is the worst thing on the planet for us. We munch, cry, munch, mope, and bloat.
  8. We women tend to get very emotional. Very.
  9. We have expectations to meet that society has set for us. Thankfully the expections aren't as high these days as they were 40 years ago. Double standards and glass ceilings, anyone?
  10. We get discouraged very easily. At least I do. We know we're not natural leaders, but don't tell us otherwise. Let us think it, but we both know the truth.
  11. For some reason, men think all we spend our money on is clothes. In truth, it's not. We just happen to get shoes when you are paying attention. See number 5...
  12. Finally, we're human only with hormones, tears, trials, tribulations, etc. Just be patient with us for these few days, and everyone will be a-o-k.


Zach said...

I think I'm one of the rare guys that understands what women go through. :] I'm a male feminist. lol! I think I'll make a good husband one day.

Ruby said...

AMEN. There I said it. I go to an all girls school and we synchronize. What a joyous week that must be for our teachers. It is a long road being a women, but for the other three weeks of the month I'm okay with it :)e

Dee Dee said...

Just so you know, the shoe size will change after kids. Usually, it's 1/2 size per pregnancy. I used to have these cute little 6 1/2's. Not no mo! Try an average, unloved 7.5 W! Yes, I am doing my primal scream therapy as I write that size!