Normally I get sick of a song really fast. Most likely because it's overplayed on the local radio stations. For example, I loved The Fray until everyone else loved them and they were played at least once an hour. Now, I can't stand them.

But I've loved Broken by Lifehouse ever since I first heard it last year. At the time, I was going through a major rough patch- broken family, a rough break up. The words were ointment for my deep, deep emotional wounds. Lifehouse just came out with a new version of the song and I love it more than the original song. It's even more moving.

As I look at the next semester, I know that there is only so much I can do until I get to the point where I freak out. The song just reminds me that there's Someone bigger than me overlooking the next 4 months and that I can only do so much.

On that note, I got more surprises dished on me this weekend. Like my APTT (not to mention the cost,) a pre-test, and seeing my classes' blackboards. Not good, not fun. I'll be honest, I'm scared of screwing up this semester. I'm working thirty hours next weekend and I have a gut feeling I'll have to slash it, which will drive me nuts. Add in church, a bible study I really want to do, 14 hours of school, and... i feel hopeless.

My emotions have been a roller coaster in the past couple of weeks, as you've read.

But I will rock it, even though right now I feel hopeless... and broken.

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Meg said...

Things will look up, just keep your chin up. I just youtubed this song and it's beautiful. It is from the Time Traveler's Wife, have you seen it? It was amazing!
Good luck back at school this week things will get better.

Love this song...it's on repeat! :)