Since Meg's tagged me, I suppose I shall indulge y'all on my seven things that I cannot get enough of!

  1. Coke. As in Coca-Cola. I need it. Actually, need is an understatement. The funny part is that I prefer coke from a can. It doesn't taste the same if it's in a bottle or out of a fountain. But I'll drink it anyway as long as it's coke. And no, not Diet Coke
  2. Music. I have to have my music. Actually, more like my iPod. I listen to it when getting dressed. Blowdrying just isn't the same without some Britney Spears, ya know? When I blog? I listen to music. Cleaning? Music. Driving? Yeah, I think you get my drift. Lately I've been reminiscing my pre-teen, boy band obsessed days. The days where you argued with another girl on whether Nick Carter was hotter than Justin Timberlake.
  3. Vera Bradley. I think this is an obsession like no other. It has my mom worried. The only reason I'm excited about field experience (besides the fact that it's exciting being in a teaching program) is because I got a Vera Bradley lanyard for my ID. oh yes. I informed my mom that her Mighty Leaf black tea was my Vera Bradley.
  4. Starbucks. Whether getting a latte or mocha, coffee cup, thermos, or new water bottle, I love that place. It only tickles me more that I drive by one every Wednesday on the way to Athens. Gotta love Starbucks.
  5. Target. oh target, how I love you. So much. Whether I need a new shirt, shoes, workout gear, makeup, something to decorate my room... there's always something there I have to have.
  6. Bare Escentuals makeup. Love it. Don't love the price tag.
  7. Twitter. I love it. I think it's fun and exciting. Plus, it's not like Facebook. I used to be way annoyed w/ it but we're getting used to each other.

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Meg said...

Still haven't tried the Twitter, I really have to get into this! I like you love love love, music, vera!, and water bottles...not from Starbucks, I don't go there, but I love buying new water bottles! :)