I Will Rock.

I've been thinking about my up and coming semester that starts in 8 days. Well, actually 9.

And it will be stressful. But I will rock it. So my schedule might look like this:

Not included is work and field experience.

But I will rock its socks off.

Because I'm cool like that.

Even though I will most likely have days where I'll be in yoga pants, ponytail, and coffee in hand wondering if it would be better to run off to Italy with all $50 of mine, I know that I will rock it.

Sure- I might just break down in tears sometimes. But it's only one semester. Fifteen weeks, 120 classes. Ahem.

Dear Fall '09. I will kick your... butt.


Ashley said...

Although I can't see the details on your schedule, it looks intense! Especially knowing you have to work somewhere in there too!

Good luck, hope it is a good semester!

Hannah Noel said...

That's the spirit!! I always put my schedule on a calendar like that too, so I can really visualize it, lol.

mrosev14 said...

You will totally kick it's butt! Your schedule looks so much like mine, it sucks, we will both kick this semester's butt! Hit me up if you need a pep talk, because I will be doing the same over here.

We aren't in college forever, we can push though.