Parent vs. Teacher

It's already happened. I've had a parent send me an email about a rule in Sunday School. It wasn't a nice email either.

I sent a letter home with the parents saying that we cannot do bathroom runs in class. We have an hour and a lot of material to cover, projects, etc. I have fourteen kids who are four and five years old. Yesterday, we cut it really close to the one hour mark without a bathroom break.

Now, mind you. I said that the kids can go BEFORE they come to class. You know, have a parent take them to the bathroom. That would help me and the other teacher out a lot.

The previous teacher and I had an incident a few weeks ago where a little girl didn't tell us she had to go and wet herself. We talked the parents and got everything straightened out. Or so I thought. This parent has claimed the child was afraid to come to me. What?

I understand where she is coming from regarding kids holding their bladders. I've held off replying to it because it's really struck a nerve with me. I have taught this class for two years. I've worked with little kids since I can remember. However, I also know that they can go before class or after class.

If I see a kid dancing around and acting like they're going to go right there, yes, I will take them. I make exceptions. But does she know how hard it is to stop your lesson and take 14 kids to the bathroom?

So. Any parents out there who want to give suggestions?


Life with Erin said...

Could you plan a bathroom break somewhere in there to give the kids a break to wiggle and the parents to zip their lips?

I teach preschoolers and we try to take group trips, as annoying as they sometimes are . . . I know you'll figure it out!

Meg said...

I think that even when you tell kids to go before or after their little bladders can decide during that they need to go. I would schedule a break half way through and have your other teacher take those that need to go while you continue with your lesson. It isn't idle but if it's the best you can do then it is what it is.

Ashley @ {Let Go, Laughing} said...

ugh complaining parents are no fun. i totally feel your pain with that one!