Day 1

Well, to put it mildly, the first day back in the trenches of school has gone superb. That's right- superb!

Yes, I am just a tad worn out at 12:30 but that could be due to my waking at 6, running around getting ready, and being on campus at the time when normally I'm waking up.

My class are superb. Well, for what I expected it's superb. Speech isn't great, but it's speech, and everyone has to take it. Plus, my instructor is a Brit and his accent is divine. I love a good accent. He's really funny too, and is really random like me. Plus he can't think straight- again, he's like me.

Biology 104 will be much better this second time around. I already have my materials (yay!) and he's easy in my opinion. Plus, we get to take field trips to the wilderness. Love it!

Tonight is environmental science. We'll see how that goes, but so far, I think I feel a little better about my impending semester :)

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Meg said...

That is awesome that it is going so well!

My speech class wasn't too bad, and he was Irish...I'm always game for a good accent. :)