Better. Much Better.

Just when I thought that it was impossible to love Barnes and Noble anymore than I already do... it is possible. I just thought I'd browse and see if they had Crazy Love for giggles and grins, which they did. But it gets better. You can click on a simple button and the local store will hold it for you. Ah, now that's love for a bibliophile. So instead of paying for shipping and such, I can pick it up on my way to school. Now I can see what it's all about at Bloom.

In the meantime, I was at my favorite coffee place in the entire world  this morning (I really wish we had in a Peet's in the Dixie State though) and guess what kind of cup I got? Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown! is all I could hear. Of course, that might also be due to my siblings, who are on a Charlie Brown fest and watching that show a lot lately. There's something about Snoopy that cracks them up. I digress. So I got my joy out of my latte while trying my best to ignore the very annoying man who seems to need a lesson in keyboarding. There's something about hearing a man pound the keys (literally) with his two index fingers that is rather obnoxious when I'm trying to study the Pottery Barn catalog biology. I mean really, I wanted to tell him to chill out.

While on the topic of chilling out, I myself am trying that technique. It's... a work in progress. Like Mr. Tapper- I just took deep breaths and looked out the window for at least a few minutes each times he was getting to me. I've been trying it a lot lately. Like I said, work.in.progress.

And finally, I am leaving one of my browser tabs opened on Apple's site. I'm really in desire for a Macbook but right now, looking at the site will just have to do. I fall more in love with it everyday. Silly PCs. I 'm ready for a non-moody computer.

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Hannah Noel said...

I like your new header!! ( new to me, at least! haha).