Medical Mess.

I'm at a loss for words right now.

After being in such severe pain last week, and a visit to the doctor, I had ultrasounds done yesterday on my abdomen and pelvis. The doctor's office just called a little while and told me that I have what looks like a fatty liver. I have to get a whole panel of tests drawn on me first thing Monday.

I asked if this is all tied to Celiac and... it is.


My life is officially 100% turned upside down. I've been in denial to myself and binging on wheat/gluten, but now not only are my intestines involved, my liver is too. I just want to cuss/cry/scream. I'm researching everything right now to the best of my ability and what's more likely to be in an obese middle-aged human is in me, a 20 year old who isn't obese at all.

Lovely. I'm going to need so many prayers and support right now, for my mentality, out look on life, frame of mind, not to mention my insides.


Hannah Noel said...

Oh, Dear, I'm so sorry. That is terrible. The good news is that God already knew this was coming, so you can trust him to pull you through and figure everything out. It'll be okay hon!! Praying for you :)

R said...

Oof. I haven't commented in a while, but I've been around. Sorry this is all happening at once for you. I'm sure your doctors will take wonderful care of you and everything will be just fine! Good luck :)