Even though to me this is the most commercial holiday there could ever be, I wanted to share how fun this holiday has been for me.

I've been doing field experience this last week at one of the schools around my house and I love it. I was majorly hesitant working with kindergartners because they have a majorly high level of energy, and let's be honest- I don't. But they've grown on me. Big time. So much that I get really sad when I think about how I only have six days left with this amazing class. I really felt special on Thursday though when one of the kids brought in a Hershey's bar for me. It melted my heart and gave me a sugar high all at once. Of course, all the other kids couldn't be outdone and I had to use my Target bag to bring my goodies home. It still melts my heart thinking about it :)

Then, because I did the gift swap that Katie held, I got a gift from Alyssa. Boy oh boy, I was excited for all of it! Especially my chocolate and cups! I got the picture frame that matches the cup, by the way :)

In fact, I think I'm sort of in love with this holiday. I noticed I have three cups that are Valentine's related (remember this post?) and I got carried away last week in Target's section (ooodles of chocolate, teddy bears, hearts, and roses.) Needless to say, it's been a very fun Valentine's Day, even without a boyfriend.


Faith said...

MMMMMM your blog post makes me hungry! I'm stranded here with no chocolate! :) Can't wait to get back to civilization and buy that 50% off candy! Happy Single Awareness Day friend! :)

Meg said...

How sweet of your students--that must have made you feel so good. I can't believe you were afraid of working in a K classroom, 5 is such a fun age! I am glad you are enjoying it, kids at that age have just a special way about them.

Your post before this one was sad. I am sorry that the shooting hit so close to home. It is freaking crazy! Seriously, tenure--it was really that important?!? So stupid, but I am sure you know from reading all the articles that she killed her brother--clearly there was something WAY off in this chick's head!

I hope school is treating you well.

Katie said...

glad you had fun with the swap :)

Nicole said...

lol SEE this isnt a must have bf/hubs holiday! WHo better to love us than ourselves!! Good Job =D

Stopping by from Katies Simply Love Swap!

Lyr said...

Oh how fantastic. I love seeing what everyone got! Looks like you made out! :)

Kristi said...

Everyone's goodies all look so fun!! Getting mail is so exciting especially when it's a surprise!!

angela.kolachny said...

your blog is so sweet! I'm a new follower:o)